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Throwing away computers

All of us use computers. All of us reading this blog post, that is. Being responsible for what you use, from start to finish, means that your work isn’t done when you’ve finished using a computer – even though the computer itself is finished. This blog post will give you pointers on how to become a responsible consumer, and give your electronic device the resting place it deserves.  Continue reading


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What is Global Warming?

There is virtually no doubt in the scientific community today that the planet is currently undergoing a global climate change, commonly known as global warming.

Earth has gone through several episodes of global climate change in the past caused by the Milankovitch cycles which led to ice ages and intermittent warmer periods, the latest of which we are living in now. However, this newest global climate change was not sparked by natural causes. The Fifth Assessment Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), published in 2014, concluded that there is a probability of over 95% that this global warming is being caused primarily by human activities, especially by producing carbon dioxide.  Continue reading

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