Day 29: This week in Earth News (1/29/2017)

This week was rough on the environment and the media. Particularly because no one knows how to address the environment and climate change on the media anymore. The EPA has been given a “gag order”, or an order not to talk to the press, to social media, or blogging of any kind. Similarly, the Badlands National Park had to cover up their tracks too. On Jan. 24th, after the National Park Service had apologized for tweeting their crowd shots of the President’s inauguration, the Badlands National Park tweeted out a series of climate change facts.


The tweets have since disappeared.

On the positive side of press releases, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) announced that its newest satellite has just sent the first images taken from space. These aren’t just pretty pictures of the Earth in high definition – they’re high-resolution images that will help scientists estimate severe weather, volcanic eruptions, and other weather data.

PHOTO-First GOES_ABI Moon from Geo Orbit-NOAA-011517-700x450-Landscape.jpeg

One of the newest images sent from space. Source: NOAA/NASA. 

Finally, there is much to be said of the environmental articles that came out this week related to the new president’s transition to power, and it is hard to state the facts without being very concerned with the way things are heading for Earth scientists and teachers. Reports on climate change have disappeared from the State Department website. Scientists and politicians all over the country are protesting against “alternative facts“. President Trump has also taken action to revive the Keystone XL pipeline, which former President Obama had rejected in 2015, and has been the subject of an ongoing protest known as “Standing Rock”.

If amid these disturbing pieces of news you happen to lose sight of what’s important, take a moment to look back at the picture above. That planet is our home. We’re fighting to save it from our own influence. Let’s keep working torwards that goal.


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