Day 40: Be a superhero!


The Avengers. Source: Marvel,

What makes us admire super heroes so much?

See all these heroes above? (If you don’t know who they are, ask a kid!) They all accepted the mission to protect the world. All of them spend hours after work asking themselves how they can do better – they lose sleep over it. They’re hardworking, persistent, strong, and they all possess certain super powers. They’re not perfect, but they know that and keep trying – and they know their job isn’t finished until the world is better (hint: not in their lifetimes).

Saving the world is a little bit like putting on a cape and shield and going up against the enemies that are threatening the world. Super heroes like the ones above don’t exist, and their methods of saving the world are too violent to be considered “good”, but there are other, real super heroes in the world. Their super powers are love, softness, kindness, charity, intelligence.

These people understood that to save the world, you need to take every day at a time. That means working every single day for a better world and not taking breaks. It also means not getting discouraged with the “villains” of the world. The more you fight them directly, the less likely the world is going to get better. That’s because saving the world requires being actively good, kind, charitable, and thinking of others – that’s how other people are likely to change. You don’t “kill” people – you educate them. And the best way to do that is to be nice.

To be a real super hero, you’ve got to be nice every single day. You have to wake up and care about the Earth and other human beings every day. You have to put in the same hard work as those super heroes on TV. If you slip – if you become discouraged, lose focus or faith – you have to bring yourself back somehow.  It can be with an inspiring story, music, friends, or movies. But you can’t give up. The world would go to pieces if our super heroes gave up on us.

That’s why I’m putting out a call to be a super hero. It’s easy to come up with good ideas – it’s harder to put them in action. Harder still is sticking with your good actions every single day, and pulling yourself back together after a rough spot. Knowing how to reach out to friends after a tricky battle is a great asset (so is knowing how to help yourself). But it takes your own will power to go back to the scene of the battle, day after day.

Please don’t give up – be the super hero you want to see in the world.


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