Day 41: Save the trees- go paperless! E-books, e-bills, and junk mail

Our love for nature often starts with our love for trees. So when we start to think about saving the world and protecting the environment, one of the first things that jumps to mind is halting deforestation. Luckily, you don’t have to strap yourself to bulldozers to make a difference (if you want highly amusing parodies of people trying to save the world and trees, check out this Follow the Frog commercial or this Kia commercial). There are other ways you can save the trees without leaving your house. Check out these three ideas.

  1. Buy e-books instead of paper books. You can buy almost everything in e-book format instead of paper format – that includes text-books, cook books, comic books, novels. All you need is a device (computer, tablet, phone) to read them on.
  2. Make sure you join paperless billing. Most banks, insurance companies, and phone companies will let you choose paperless billing (electronic bills) over bills sent in the mail.
  3. Opt out of junk mail. Don’t let other companies waste trees to send you advertisements. You can call them to ask for your name to be taken off their mail list or remove your name off mailing listings at this website.

These three simple ideas are going to result in a whole lot less paper arriving in your home, and that means many trees can credit you with saving their lives. Want to go even further to save the trees? Eating less meat is probably the number one tree-saver, since that means saving forests from being turned into pastures or into soja fields destined for cow-food. All of these are actions you can do from the inside of your house. There’s need to travel to the rainforest and throw yourself in front of loggers if we attack the problem at its root – our own, individual, consumption of paper. It’s scary to think that WE are the reason behind deforestation, but then again, that gives us the power to change it, too.





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