Day 62: Plan ahead


An eroded iceberg in Greenland. If all the ice in Greenland melted, the oceans would rise by seven meters. Source: Yann Arthus-Bertrand

A lot of the world’s problems came to be because…well…people didn’t plan ahead.

Did we plan on emitting massive amounts of carbon dioxide that would trigger global warming? No, it was the offspring of consumerism. Nobody really thought of the consequences – people just did it.

Did we plan on killing or fishing species out of existence? No, that just got in the way of our drive for more “things”. It’s just another sad consequence of the way we act.

If we planned ahead, and thought about all the consequences our actions would ensue, it’s likely that we would rethink most of them and reorganize them in a way that they don’t hurt humans or other species.

But that’s not what usually happens. People like acting on the spur of the moment, and they like to be free to choose what to do, regardless if that’s going to hurt anyone. Taking responsibility for one’s actions often gets ignored.

To fix that, we can simply reroute our attitudes so that we adopt a more reflective attitude instead of a reflexive one. Think before you act. Evaluate whether your actions will have a repercussion on other individuals. Try to get better outcomes by planning ahead. Knowing what you’re looking for and what you don’t want (I’m sure you don’t want mass extinction of species, or an Arctic puddle) is a huge help when it comes to planning your future actions and the results that you will reap from them.

For example: You can plan ahead by cooking meals ahead of time, so when you’re hungry, you eat at home rather than eating out (which generally means reducing the amound of waste that went into your food prep).

Planning life decisions ahead of time aso means you get better choices that match your lifestyle. That means a happier YOU, and more time to save the world (if you’re the type of person that can plan ahead stress-free, that is)!

Planning trips ahead of time can help save gas, planning time with family can help prevent stress and time spend fighting (really), and planning assignments usually means more efficiency and better productivity in general.

To save the world and avoid a scenario where the world is melting like the picture above, plan ahead!


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