Day 68: Reduce your food scraps


Drying dates in Egpyt. Source: Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Being ecological is sometimes synonymous with being economic. Turning off appliances when you’re not using them, using less water and heat, and walking instead of driving are all actions that favor both your wallet and the environment. Finding a use for food scraps is one of those cases where you can cut corners on spending and also reduce your total waste. 

Food scraps are the leftovers of your produce or cooking. People usually throw them away (or compost, I hope!) but some of them can still be part of a tasty meal. Here are some food scrap ideas I’ve found from experience or rummaging through cookbooks:

  • Apple cores and skin -> Tea.  I’ve seen people eat apples whole – skin, core and seeds (though I don’t recommend eating seeds, their cyanide content scares me). While you certainly can eat apple skin with the apple, some recipes ask you to peel and core apples. You can make a delicious tea with the scraps.
  • Broccoli + Cauliflower stems and leaves -> Diced and mixed in sauce, pizza toppings, or soup.
  • Potato skins -> Leave ’em on when possible. They have lots of good vitamins in them.
  • Zucchini and cucumber skins -> Leave ’em on, too.
  • Carrot leaves -> Carrot leaf pesto or soup. Mmm.
  • Beat leaves -> Roasted with garlic and vinegar.
  • Pizza crusts -> It’s food! Eat them.
  • Stale bread -> French toast, bread crumbs, or reheated with a little bit of warm water to make them soft again.

Also, did you know you can eat kiwi peels?  That’s one I never heard of, but am willing to try out.

Hopefully this starter guide on how to rethink “food scraps” will inspire some to reduce their food waste. How about you? Do you have any smart ideas about reusing bits and pieces of food that we normally throw out?


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