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Day 59: 10 good (and ecological!) deeds


A crowd of smiling faces in Ivory Coast. Source: Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Doing a good deed for someone always results in more goodness in the world. You can’t fight evil by putting more evil into the world, right? Doing random acts of kindness not only is good for you (what comes around, goes around) but it is good for humanity. Every time you choose to be nice, you’re putting a little more awesomeness into the world.

Now imagine you do something good that is also ecological! How awesome is that?! Not only are you doing your share to leave less of an impact on the planet, you’re helping someone get there, too – and reducing the impact of that person on the planet. I can’t even count how much “good” you get out of helping someone be a better human on Earth – it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Not only are you being environmentally friendly, you’re actually doing more than your share. Pretty cool, huh?

If you want bonus points on being an Earth-savior, check out my tips below.

  1. Cook a vegetarian meal for someone. Often people don’t have time or mind-energy to think about adopting a greener lifestyle, like taking meat out of their diets. By cooking them a vegetarian meal, you’re 1) showing them that it’s possible and tasty 2) filling someone’s belly with veggies instead of meat – that’s a win for the planet! 3) actually being nice to them by saving time and resources 4) showing them some love.
  2. Sort someone else’s trash and make recycling easier for them. This could even be done at work.
  3. Bring palm-oil free cookies to work.
  4. Listen to someone you normally wouldn’t listen to or on ideas you normally wouldn’t listen about. So much good comes out of listening – people feel appreciated, cared for, loved, and they will be more open to your ideas (ecological ones included).
  5. Forgive your roommates for stealing your soap. Letting go of anger instead of exploding is also an act of kindness that makes you a better person in their eyes. (They will also be more likely to listen when you gently ask them to not leave the water running.)
  6. Let people borrow your tools/sharpies/books/camera/stuff. The more you lend, the less people have to buy new stuff, which isn’t good for consumerism.
  7. Pick up random trash on the street/beach. I’ve seen countless people take on a beach challenge (picking up all the micro trash within a radius of their beach spot) or street challenge (picking up all the trash on their daily walks/commutes). It makes the environment cleaner, nicer, and less likely to be a death-trap for animals. Don’t leave it just because you think the trash guy is responsible for picking it up!
  8. Do someone’s dishes for them – especially for that person that loves to leave the faucet running. Do it for the environment!
  9. Give someone a ride, or car share!
  10. Offer to run an errand for someone, knowing that you could do it with less carbon dioxide (going by foot to do grocery shopping for your eldery neighbor , picking up something on the way home for your friend, mailing a letter for your family member that would rather use a car instead).

Like these? Have more? Share your ideas, I’d love to hear them! Kindness is what makes the world go round.


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Day 45: Dear Earth, Happy Valentine’s Day! An Open Letter to the Earth


Flamingos on Lake Nakuru, Kenya. Source: Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Dear Earth,

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s true that even though I love you most of all, I often forget to tell you “I love you” every day. Sorry about that. I’m making up for it by doing small actions to show you that I love you. I know, I know, it’s about what I do, and not about what I say – but hey I’m getting better, aren’t I? I’m trashing your place less and I’m loving more of your pet humans (and that’s pretty tough, some of them bite!). Just hang in there, and please don’t blow a gasket with all the CO2 I’m still emitting. I can do better, I promise.

Can I just tell you how amazing you are?! You are one gorgeous planet – the MOST beautiful in my eyes, anyways. Your oceans are so mysterious – I don’t think scientists have an idea of half of what lurks in them. Your ice caps are dazzling.  You blow everyone away with your majestic display of feathered birds, scaly toothed reptiles, giant pachyderms of Africa, and the cutest koalas in Australia, to name a few. The biodiversity you’ve gathered is truly stunning, and you’re more capable of creating, designing, and imagining than I ever will be.

And you’re so smart! That trick you did with coordinating pollination with insects, so that plants, bats and insects all work together and benefit from each other? That was smooth. Not only you’re smarter than me, but you’re more artistic – I really like what you did with Florianópolis, that island in Brazil. What were you thinking, designing 42 unique beaches, a tropical rainforest, giant sand dunes and a couple lagoons on a single island? Sheer artistic genuis! I hope we can keep it as beautiful as when you first rented it out to my fellow humans.

You do everything for me – I can’t tell you enough how important you are to me, and how loving and forgiving you’ve been. You feed me, clothe me, pay for all of my expenses, give me shelter, warmth, and love (I really love some of your pet humans- thank you for them). Your oceans absorb most of the CO2 I put out there thanks to your oceans’ awesome buffering capabilities.  I know it’s starting to be a burden for all of your coral reefs and your atmosphere has never seen this much carbon dioxide. I’m getting worried about us – are we going to be ok? Can you still take this much abuse from me and my fellow humans as we learn to adapt our lifestyles? We’re still learning what a healthy relationship means.

I can’t ever lose you. Keep up the good job.

Love you to infinity and back!


Catherine xoxo



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Day 13: Wonder at the universe

Today I invite you simply to wonder at the vastness of our universe and our place in it.

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