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Day 69: Adolescents are just as smart as adults (in some ways)

A lot of Earth-saving has to do with understanding the psychology of people and how to reach them better. It’s not about what you present to people, it’s how you do it – just like what you say isn’t as important as the tone of voice you say it with. Here, I’ll explain why I think adolescents are just as smart as adults. (All the information about brain development was gleaned from Steinberg, full reference below).   Continue reading

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Day 21: How to speak to a climate change denier


There are many people that deny climate change is happening or that it is man-made, from our closest circles all the way to the government. However, many of us believe that climate change is real and caused by human activities –  97% of our climate scientists say so, too. Both mentalities have to live together in society and deal with each other – sometimes, this can get infuriating on either end. However, if you find yourself getting upset, yelling, or spewing all the scientific facts or moral grounds you can think of – you’re automatically losing.  Continue reading


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