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Day 61: Rise and shine with the sun!


Sunrise seen from 175 miles above the Earth. Source: NASA, 1996

Happy March! As sun begins to rise earlier, I find myself not using the light switch as much in the morning. Not only is it nice to walk to my car in a sunlit road instead of groping my way through the dark – it saves electricity!

As the sun rises even earlier, we should take advantage of the available sunlight and rise earlier with the sun to perform our daily tasks using the natural light that’s available, instead of artificial light. Getting up early to use more natural light is compensated of course by going to sleep earlier and using less electricity at night. This is where the idea of Daylight Savings  (the period of time where our clocks jump forward to accomodate the sunlight) was born. Adapting one’s schedule to use more sunlight and less electricity makes complete sense for an Earth-savior. Here’s why:

  • Using more sunlight and saving electricity is good for the planet because it means using less fossil fuels and producing less CO2.
  • Natural light has Vitamin D and more good stuff than artificial light, like the ones that come from computers that don’t let us sleep at night.
  • Regulating your body clock to use more natural sunlight fixes insomnia as your body begins to release more melatonin (a hormone that induces sleep) when the sun sets. This happens if you’re in tune with the sun, and not bombarded with other light  sources after the sun sets, like from electronics. It also helps you to wake up when your body perceives sun rays in the morning.
  • Sunlight is good for your emotional and mental well-being (for example, lack of sunlight is related to higher suicide rates)
  • Rising with the sun allows you to listen to the birds more – if you love birds, this is an extra benefit.
  • If you pay your own electricity bill, you’ll notice the difference too – getting up with the sun is cheaper, too!



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